Why Life Coaching?

We frequently underestimate our potential.

We tend to hold back in fear of failure.

We are often uncomfortable with the unknown.

But what if the outcome is better than you can imagine?

What if success and all that you desire is possible?

As your life coach, I will partner with you. We will discover your highest potential by pushing out of comfort zones, focusing on your priorities and creating the life story you desire.

I will actively listen, using intuition and focus

to your situation. I am able to make connections and pose insightful questions that open up new perspectives. I offer tools, tips and resources to empower you on your journey. Life coaching offers you a safe, comfortable and confidential space to find your way to your authentic self and desired life.

Life Coaching may be for you if you feel:

  • lack of clarity

  • unable to prioritize

  • lost

  • stuck in the same old story/negative mindset

  • held back by old or limited beliefs

  • passion without a plan

  • experiencing self sabotage

  • experiencing a life transition

  • out of balance

  • in pain about the past

  • relationship challenges

  • seeking spiritual clarity/growth

I look forward to meeting you

Amy Van Linge, CPC
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