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My first parking ticket

It was silly, really. I've parked here for seven years. Same day, same time. Never a ticket.

The chalk marks on your tires aren't a good sign.

It was a thin yellow sheet tucked under my windshield wiper. It basically stated that I had overstayed my welcome.

I have literally parked here every Wednesday for seven years.

Sure, the signs posted clearly state the two hour parking limit but, but, but...

And never mind that every other parking space around my car was empty.

For peace, sanity and not sweating the small stuff I decided not to call and raise hell with the PD.

I mean, after all, I was technically in the wrong.

I don't wear a wrist watch very often but I wore one on today. I love gentle reminders.

I wrote the check to pay for my offense, $35, and in the subject line I drew a heart.

I choose Peace, it's far more important to me. xo -a

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