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You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.― Rumi

What is ωℏ✺ℓḙℵḙṧṧ and how do we experience it?

When I think of “wholeness” right off the top of my thoughts are the healing stories of Jesus. Jesus was the master healer and he proclaimed, “you can do all things I do and greater.” Those healings might be called divine miracles. A Course in Miracles describes a miracle as a shift in perception. I heard Jesus’ message for many years before I actually grasped this teaching.

Much like the quote about a good teacher not telling a student what to believe but rather pointing in the direction so they can to discover for themselves, I believe Jesus was a perfect example of the Sanskrit greeting “Namaste.” “Namaste” is traditionally used with the “namaskar” hand mudra and many of us know the meaning to be “the light in me sees the light in you.” The “light” refers to the divinity within each person, and then seeing that divinity in another and honoring it. The opposite view would be to see a problem, something “wrong” or that needs “fixing.”

My sense of wholeness is about being in thriving mode, the vibrational identity of the presence of God, a frequency of bliss, a place where we aren’t living defensively, when we don’t live running from pain and to pleasure, we no longer live on highs and lows, we reside in a knowing that all things work together for our good, that we live in an abundant universe, we embrace all beings as divine, we enter a dimension where we’re all winners…where we breathe infinite possibilities, where holding the high watch of love becomes our natural state of being…where we vibrate so high, embodying that expansiveness that we magnify the field of wisdom, joy, intelligence, and love.

At times, we all experience fear or unrest which may present as defensiveness, worry, anger... However, this lower vibration can’t take hold of us when we claim, declare, KNOW our wholeness. True healing emerges from our ability to “see” someone else, ourselves or a situation as already healed and whole. Sometimes, healing (returning to wholeness) can be as simple as letting go. Often, letting go is as simple as detaching from our whole system of thoughts, in other words, dropping belief systems. Wholeness is seeing the present moment just as it is without adding to it any judgements, opinions or beliefs pertaining to the past, the present, or elsewhere. The mantra for me arises: Just Be Here Now

The healing stories of Jesus demonstrate a return to wholeness—in essence healing is the embodiment of Christ-consciousness, a state of awareness. It is a path to reconnect with the dismissed, disowned and denied parts of ourselves and embrace the whole and perfect beings we were born as.

As we welcome the energy and excitement of renewal and rebirth this month, I feel the invitation for us to allow ourselves the tender moments to truly KNOW and claim our divinity, our wholeness.

Infinite Love, Amy


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