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When did help become a forbidden word?

"He who is brave is free”Seneca

There are times in life when asking another person to come alongside of you for support, guidance and/or another perspective is essential, invaluable, and useful. In no way at all does seeking coaching, mentorship or therapy indicate failure or display a sign of weakness.

I once had this suggested by a client, she apologized for reaching out.

My response is that it is commendable and admirable to have that level of awareness to seek out what will benefit your emotional and mental health and physiological well-being so that you can move into living your very best life.

I am an ICF certified life coach and will be taking new clients in January. If you'd like to schedule a 30 minute discovery session to find out if life coaching would benefit you, feel free to send me a message. It is my joy to participate in life transformation.

The sky isn’t the limit!!

xo -a

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