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Conscious Recovery

Core Principles

Conscious Recovery is a fresh perspective on addiction. What happens when we view ourselves as broken? What does that perspective create? What would it be like if we opened to a completely new way of viewing addiction?

  • Underneath all addictive behavior is an essential self that is whole and perfect

  • The addiction itself has never been the “problem” but was a strategy that has lost its effectiveness

  • Treating addiction must go beyond addressing symptoms and get down to the underlying root causes of destructive behavior

  • The root causes of addictive behavior are unresolved trauma, spiritual disconnection, and toxic shame

  • There is a pathway to permanent freedom through the adoption of spiritual practices and principles

I am a Conscious Recovery Certified Coach and I am here to support you in your recovery while practicing the principles of Conscious Recovery. 

Learn more about Conscious Recovery here: Conscious Recovery 

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