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Kambo Testimonials

I believe that it is a great honor to be invited into the healing journey of another. For me, holding sacred space in ceremony is a privilege, responsibility and joy that I cherish in the highest regard. 


Karla's Words...

KAMBO Medicine was first introduced to me via a documentary I “accidentally” ran into on Netflix. Of course I know that it was never an “accident” but a message, a sign from my soul. A calling to go down the path of this healing ritual. 💫⁣

After watching this, I became very interested. Almost like a high. An intense desire to know more about the healing available to us through this sacred 🐸. I’ve always known that we have the ability to heal our soul through ways other than modern medicine & doctors. What I didn’t know is HOW I knew or where this thought came from but I knew it was there & I knew our ancestors healed w/out doctors & pills. After this documentary I started to look into KAMBO & Ayahuasca. I never questioned if this was “real” but I felt it was real & wanted it. I started my research of places to go in Peru to get the full experience & healing that I felt I so desperately wanted. However, packing & getting on a plane to Peru during the pandemic didn’t seem that easy. I told myself I would plan for a trip in the very near future. After about a year of thinking & wanting KAMBO the opportunity came to me thru my sister who never knew I was interested. When she called & asked if I was interested, the word “YES” could not come out fast enough! It was then that I new the Universe brought it to me bcuz I was ready. I had gone thru the darkness, doing my healing, facing my shadows & it was time to release it. To purge it. To heal it with the blessing of the 🐸 ⁣

My experience with Amy Van Linge @mindbodykambo was safe & nurturing. On 1/30/2022 my soul shifted. The way I felt after the ceremony was one that can’t be explained other than, lighter. The mental peace & CLARITY was one I hadn’t felt before. My journey since then has been clearer. I understand life differently. My existence is needed. My life experience has a purpose & I’m gonna live it w/ the protection & divine guidance of The Divine. ✨ ⁣

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