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Kambo Testimonials

I believe that it is a great honor to be invited into the healing journey of another. For me, holding sacred space in ceremony is a privilege, responsibility and joy that I cherish in the highest regard. 



KAMBO Medicine was first introduced to me via a documentary I “accidentally” ran into on Netflix. Of course I know that it was never an “accident” but a message, a sign from my soul. A calling to go down the path of this healing ritual. 💫⁣⁣After watching this, I became very interested. Almost like a high. An intense desire to know more about the healing available to us through this sacred 🐸. I’ve always known that we have the ability to heal our soul through ways other than modern medicine & doctors. What I didn’t know is HOW I knew or where this thought came from but I knew it was there & I knew our ancestors healed w/out doctors & pills. After this documentary I started to look into KAMBO & Ayahuasca. I never questioned if this was “real” but I felt it was real & wanted it. I started my research of places to go in Peru to get the full experience & healing that I felt I so desperately wanted. However, packing & getting on a plane to Peru during the pandemic didn’t seem that easy. I told myself I would plan for a trip in the very near future. After about a year of thinking & wanting KAMBO the opportunity came to me thru my sister who never knew I was interested. When she called & asked if I was interested, the word “YES” could not come out fast enough! It was then that I new the Universe brought it to me bcuz I was ready. I had gone thru the darkness, doing my healing, facing my shadows & it was time to release it. To purge it. To heal it with the blessing of the 🐸 ⁣⁣My experience with Amy Van Linge @mindbodykambo was safe & nurturing. On 1/30/2022 my soul shifted. The way I felt after the ceremony was one that can’t be explained other than, lighter. The mental peace & CLARITY was one I hadn’t felt before. My journey since then has been clearer. I understand life differently. My existence is needed. My life experience has a purpose & I’m gonna live it w/ the protection & divine guidance of The Divine. ✨ ⁣⁣



Today was a beautiful experience with my beautiful soul sister Amy Van Linge. I got to sit with the medicine of Kambo once again but this experience was very different from the last few times. This is my first time experiencing this journey with her. Amy held such nurturing space for me. I felt safe and protected as I entered the space of Kambo. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s the medicine of the frog and comes from the jungle. There are so many benefits from this experience for your mind, body and souls journey. Purging all the energy built in your body through the process of purging and detoxification.

In the last six months I had so many things come up and work through. Many things like grief on levels I have never experienced, sadness that had been stored for a long time, co-dependency I needed to let go of, anger, trauma and old emotional pain from the past.

Today I got to liberate this energy from my body. It felt like a volcano erupting from my root chakra to Mother Earth, is how I can describe my experience. I felt so in-tuned with my body and what I was releasing. I felt so much sadness leaving that I held space inside of me, for so long. I felt like I was birthing a child but it was all old energy that I needed to release energetically. Amy held me at the end because she knew what I needed in those moments. She comforted me and held space for me like I have never felt before from another woman. I felt so much peace and warmth from her. She was so connected to me and my journey.

Sometimes your face even swells up and looks like a frog. At one point in the journey I could feel the energy of the frog in my face as I was purging. I felt it filling me up and helping me release through my throat chakra.

If you are in the South Carolina Area definitely reach out to her, if this kind of healing calls to you. Amy is so compassionate, loving and nurturing through this journey.

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