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A prayer for our world

I invite you to join me in opening your heart for a prayer, a prayer for you and a prayer for our world:

I am grateful to know and feel the healing power of love, I am thankful for this opportunity to increase love and light in our world. Knowing the power of the quantum field, I not only declare health and wholeness for myself and everyone on our planet, I see it to be so. My thoughts, words and actions bring restoration. I look upon our planet and see a mighty wave of peace and healing engulf us. My heart is full of love, my mind is at peace and abundance is in flow all around me. I am the essence of the Divine, full of vitality, radiance and vibrancy. I pour love out toward my fellow human beings, knowing that we are one, and all is well.

And so it is. Amen. Ashe. Namaste.

xo -a

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