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Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World

I Rule My Mind, Which I Alone Must Rule -ACIM Lesson 236

Nearly every day I select one of my necklaces to wear. 

Could choosing our thoughts be a task just as simple? 

What we think determines what we believe. What we believe determines how we feel. How we feel influences how we act.

We think about 60-70,000 thoughts per day and 90% of them are the same as the day before. Same thoughts lead to same choices, same choices lead to same behavior, same behaviors lead to same experiences, same experiences produce same emotions. THOSE emotions drive the same thoughts and so the nerve cells continue in the same loop—all of this neurobiology and neurochemistry determine how we act and feel.

How we think, act and feel is called personality, which then creates my PERSONAL REALITY.

IF I want to create a new personal reality, a new way of doing my life or certain aspects of my life, then I must become AWARE of my unconscious thoughts.

We can choose to rewire our brain by consciously selecting our thoughts.

Isn’t it fascinating how two different people can walk out into the same day and one finds the good and glory and the other points out the doom and gloom?

 We run patterns of thinking and we can interrupt a cycle which no longer serves us by:

1. Becoming an observer of our thoughts and asking is this true? Is this really true?

2. Re-framing the "problem." i.e. I'm impulsive -to- I'm spontaneous but can find patterns that are healthier for my life. My life has been messy and complicated - to - I have a lot of experience to draw from

3. Choosing kindness toward yourself.

4. Avoiding generalizations i.e. This "always" happens to me. "Nothing" ever works out for me.

5. Take time to slow down and allow your mind to rest.

6. Surround yourself with supportive people, books, podcasts, songs, etc.

7. Asking empowering questions i.e. What must I understand about this situation to dissolve, resolve, dispel and finally detach from this patter? What must I know?

Today we can choose. 

Turn grievances into gifts

Setbacks into set ups 

Breakdowns into breakthroughs 

Blame into blessing 

Complaints into compassion

Shame into shine 

If you could use support on your journey, I'd love to hear from you.  xo -a

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