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The Car Wash Conundrum

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.

I had never even considered this as a possibility but ...

Just because we never considered something doesn’t make it impossible! 

There I was. Covered in soap and suds. 

I mean, my car was covered in the frothy foam of the Chevron automatic car wash and I was in the front seat of my car, along for the ride. 

My eyes were focused inside of the car as I couldn’t see a darn thing out the windows. 


Thud. Thud. Thud. 

I was definitely startled. 

It turns out that the Chevy Tahoe in front of me had gotten stuck on the track and as my car inched forward, that vehicle was stopped dead on its track being thrust backward into the hood of my car! 

When I realized what was happening I put my foot on my brake to stop from inching even closer to this SUV that was clobbering the front end of my car. 

After I honked my horn, the attendant turned off the car wash. 

At that point I vividly recalled the sign hanging out front: 

This car wash is not responsible for any damage. 

The attendant tells me the Chevy had tires that were too large for the track. 

We pulled out into the sunlight, full of suds and I suggested to the driver of the other vehicle that we might want to exchange insurance information because I honestly had no idea what sort of insurance claim comes out of a car wash accident. 

She agreed and headed back to her car to grab her insurance card.

Instead, she got in her vehicle and sped off. 

Her bumper sticker read: “Worlds Best Grandma.” 

I was definitely shocked.

And decided that my car still needed a wash since it was covered in suds. So, I re-entered the car wash with some trepidation.

The police nor the insurance company could track her license plate (I snapped a photo as she peeled out), it was as if that car never existed. I may have considered it a figment of my imagination, after all, let's face it...what are the odds of an accident in a car wash!? Yet, the evidence was staring back at me from the hood and bumper of my car.

I decided that it was a divine encounter for me. 

I was able to move through this experience with no upset whatsoever.

I am grateful for insurance companies and body shops. 

I laughed it off and thought, “you can never judge a book by its cover.” 

Thoughts of the day: 

  1. Pay closer attention in the car wash and, to be safe, never go in behind another car (even if the attendant directs you to do so). 

  2. Car accidents do happen even when you’re in neutral and not driving. 

  3. Sometimes sh!t happens. Oh well. Put it into perspective. Breathe. Move on. 

  4. Some bumper stickers are very perplexing. 

Always Love. xo -a 

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