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Thinking Man
Most of my clients first come to me expressing,
" I  just want to feel BETTER."
I am here to support you through whatever life has presented you.

There are also times a client is simply curious and would like to have their resonance and aura analysis done for their personal information or inner work. 
Whatever the reason, I'd love to share the power of the Healy.

A Healy Session is 45 minutes over the phone or video conference (in pers
on, if possible) and 56 minutes of remote transmission. I will also send you your aura image and analysis.
The objective of this session is to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance, back into harmony. 

The fee for this session and the remote transmission is $75.00

If you are a coaching client, we use Healy in our sessions. 

I would like to book a customized Healy Session:

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My first Healy Aura Analysis in 2020

Based on what you are experiencing in life, and energetically, your Healy Aura and Resonance Analysis  will change. 
Healy applies IMF programs for the harmonization of your current Bioenergetic Field.  


Future medicine will be the

medicine of frequencies.

— Albert Einstein

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