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Big Magic

True power is living with the realization that we are meant to be collaborators, not competitors.

Competition isn’t necessarily bad. It can certainly offer some positive aspects. 

Yet, at times, competition can be a hindrance because it’s often based in scarcity thinking. Lack mentality can hold us back from achieving our greatest potential. 

Competition, at times, is very divisive. The mindset is that there can only be one winner, that there’s not enough to go around, not enough ideas or opportunities or money...

Collaboration leans toward collective creation. The winner becomes the entire group, either together or separately. From this lens, collaboration is bigger than one person. It’s a way of being, living—a culture. 

In this way, we can look at one another as partners, we are all here moving toward love. 

There’s a story called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and she talks about how she had an idea for a book, but the passion and energy about this book faded away over time. 

Years later, her friend shared the idea for a book she was writing and it was the same story! 

Elizabeth could have been protective and possessive over “her story.” She could have felt like “her story” had been stolen, or that she somehow lost something. 

However, she did not. 

She said that the “Big Magic” was in the transfer of her idea to her friend. She rejoiced about this magical experience.

What a beautiful image. 

What an empowering way to view all situations. 

What an exciting way to embrace others.

What a spectacular way to be “collaborators” in life. 

Ram Dass said, “We are all just walking each other home.” 

I agree. xo

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